Bill Hansen Training has partnered with the leading
on building high-performing cultures to offer:

The Standard Edition is designed primarily for shops with fewer than 100 employees, and gives you all the tools necessary to successfully implement CultureWise on your own, at a monthly rate that’s surprisingly affordable.  It even includes unlimited phone support from an expert Implementation Specialist to help ensure your success.

The CultureWise subscription rate is based on the number of people in your company. Following are the current per employee per month (PEPM) rates. These rates are also guaranteed for the life of your practice.

Monthly Subscription, Per Employee

Employees               Rate
Under 25                   $10.00 
25-49                          $9.00
50-99                          $8.00

One-time Implementation Fee

Standard                   $1,50
Includes coaching and guidance throughout the entire process, using the online platform as the foundation.

Rollouts $3,500 (for the first day, includes up to 2 sessions)

Additional rollouts after the first day:
$3,500 (Onsite, per day)
$1,750 (Virtual, per session)

Mobile App

You get access to a massive library of teaching content for every Fundamental, including hundreds of daily QuickTips, teaching points, coaching tips, questions for discussion, videos, and scenario-based lessons – all delivered through a powerful mobile app.

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