What’s your culture plan?

You have strategic plans, sales plans, financial plans, etc. In fact, you probably wouldn’t think of running your company without them. But do you have a culture plan? In this video, David Friedman poses some thought-provoking questions about the ways in which we most often approach culture.

The Top 10 Myths about Corporate Culture and the Facts You Need to Know

By Candace Coleman, CultureWise Content Manager  Culture is such a hot topic in the business world that it’s consistently ranked among the top three most important issues for senior leadership in Deloitte’s annual study of capital trends. But if you asked a cross-section of those leaders to define culture and how it works in their companies, you’re likely to get various answers. Online research about organizational culture shows a gambit of advice about the subject—the more you read, the more opinions you get. If you’re a business owner trying to decipher what you can do about your company’s culture, it’s …