Where do cultures come from?

Here’s a simple, but interesting observation: Every company has a distinct culture. In fact, every group of people that comes together regularly has a culture. This is as true for your company as it is for a group of golfing buddies or a Girl Scout troop or an athletic team. There’s an unwritten set of …

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Can you measure culture?

I’m sometimes asked by CEOs, “How can we measure the effect of our work on our culture?” Well, the short answer is that you can’t, but the longer answer is that there are definitely things we can measure, and should be measuring, that are important leading indicators of success. Let me explain further.  You can’t …

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Is Employee Engagement Enough?

There’s a lot of talk these days about employee engagement. And for good reason. When you look at the statistics showing the percentage of American workers who are either not fully engaged or are actively disengaged, it’s pretty startling. This short video tells the story pretty effectively. But here’s an even bigger question: Is getting …

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Pizza or Performance?

Many leaders I meet will tell me that they have good cultures. They’re justifiably proud of their companies, their people, and the environment in which those people work. But when I press a little harder and ask what they mean by a “good” culture, I hear things like this: Our people get along Our people …

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Who cares what you believe?

Here’s something I’ve noticed a lot lately: Much of the literature around organizational culture has a heavy emphasis on the importance of articulating the values and beliefs that define a company’s culture. The thinking is that if you can clearly articulate the core principles that are truly central to who you are, then you can …

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