Do you have a culture plan?

When I’m with groups of CEOs, I’ll often ask them why they think culture is important. It doesn’t take long for them to rattle off all the ways in which culture affects their people’s performance. They’ll tell me that the culture influences how their employees deal with customers, the quality of their work, the degree …

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Avoiding culture by committee

One of the biggest mistakes I often see companies make as they try to define the culture they want to create is the tendency to have too much collaboration. Why do I call that a mistake? Let’s take a closer look. At its most basic level, too much collaboration can paralyze a group and make …

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Defining your culture with clarity

If you’ve read any of my previous writing about creating and driving culture intentionally, you know that I place a strong emphasis on the importance of defining behaviors, much more so than values. Behaviors are clear and specific, and so they’re easier to explain, teach, guide, and give feedback on. In this blog, I’ll provide …

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Should your culture change?

Here’s a question I often hear when I speak to CEOs about defining the culture they want to create: “Is it better to figure it all out and introduce it to our staff as a completed document, or is it better to introduce what we can think of now and then let it evolve over …

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Where do cultures come from?

Here’s a simple, but interesting observation: Every company has a distinct culture. In fact, every group of people that comes together regularly has a culture. This is as true for your company as it is for a group of golfing buddies or a Girl Scout troop or an athletic team. There’s an unwritten set of …

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