Setting the Table for Success

Here\’s a question I get often from companies as they begin transforming their companies through the Fundamentals process:  “We\’ve figured out our Fundamentals and we\’ve figured out the weekly rituals we want to practice, but how do we get our employees onboard?”  I\’ll use this blog post to answer that.

The Rollout

There\’s no question that how we roll out the program has an enormous impact on its success.  We could have the greatest set of Fundamentals and the best ideas for how to practice them, but if we simply dump them on our people with no context, it could all fall flat.  Instead, we need to roll them out in a way that truly engages the hearts and minds of the people, that gets them excited and motivated.  At HPC, we do that through a process that we\’ve created and fine-tuned over hundreds of sessions.  We call it the “rollout.”

The rollout is a 3-hour, highly interactive, engaged workshop that all employees, at every level, go through.  To get maximum audience participation, we recommend that the workshops be limited to roughly 45-50 people at a time.  In each session, employees are divided into small groups of 3-4 participants, and we recommend they be grouped with people with whom they typically don\’t work.

A Sneak Peak

Prior to the rollout, we suggest that the CEO mail a copy of the Fundamentals card to each employee at his or her home address, timed to arrive 2-4 days prior to the rollout.  This gives them a sneak peak at the Fundamentals and serves to build some early excitement and buzz.

During the session, the employees not only learn about the Fundamentals and the weekly rituals, but more importantly, the exercises give them a chance to explore the Fundamentals on a deeply personal level as well as to apply them to situations they recognize in their own workplace.  Groups always describe these sessions as fun and engaging, and they come away motivated for the weekly practice to come.

Well Worth the Effort

While it\’s no doubt a big commitment of time and resources, especially when it involves many employees and at many locations, the payback is enormous.  It\’s often hard for the CEO to appreciate this in advance, but every time, without fail, the rollout serves to create a degree of engagement never before imagined.  In fact, here\’s what one CEO recently said…

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If you\’d like to learn more about how to create truly engaging experiences for your staff, just give us a call or shoot us an email.

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