Wish you had a proven system for culture?

We hear that from a lot of consultants, and we’ve experienced it ourselves. There simply aren’t any tools that really show you precisely how to create and drive the culture you want. And there’s nothing at all to help you show your clients how to make it sustainable.

Until now.

At HPC, we’ve got the definitive solution: CultureWise. We’ve helped companies in every industry and all around the country to intentionally create, drive, and maintain high performing cultures. Best of all, it’s not complicated. CultureWise is straightforward, practical, and easy to use.

Most importantly, it simply works.

We’ve created, tested, and honed these tools in our own practice, and we’re now making them available for you to use as well.

Upcoming Class Schedule 

Date: August 24, 2020
Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM (EST)
Venue: Online Zoom classroom
Instructor: David Friedman


Includes course fee, first year annual license fee and 12-months of on-going training & support. $995 annual license fee thereafter.

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