High Performing Culture is based on three simple premises:
  1. Your organization’s culture has a significant and direct impact on how your people perform, and by extension, on your results.
  2. Your organization’s culture is one of the biggest opportunities you have to create sustainable competitive advantage in a commoditized world, and
  3. Understanding how important your culture is to your success, you can and should be intentional and systematic about creating the culture you want to have.

We show companies how to do it.

So what makes us so good at it?

Well, we literally “wrote the book” on the clearest, simplest, most practical way to make this happen. That book, FD Book-01-01Fundamentally Different, written by our founder and CEO, David Friedman, describes the method he developed and used to lead his former company, RSI, to extraordinary success. The platform for that success was the unique, high performing culture he created by design.

And we’ve now boiled down how to do it into a series of practical, easy-to-understand, actionable steps. Excuse the language, but we sometimes call it the “No BS way to get it done.”

Over the past several years, David has shared this formula with more than 1,800 CEOs around the country, and their reaction is always the same. Here’s a small sampling of their feedback:

“Simple and obvious concept, but amazingly powerful and important”

“Can be easily applied in the real world”

“One of the clearest, most relevant, most practical presentations I’ve ever seen”

“David takes what could be a very esoteric topic and makes it practical and actionable”

You get the idea.

While the concepts and the methods were created from David’s personal experience, they’ve now been field-tested and honed repeatedly in organizations across the country in every industry imaginable, from service to manufacturing to IT to construction to distribution to healthcare. They simply work.

We’re never done.

But at HPC, we’re not resting on our laurels. Instead, we’re relentlessly developing and testing new tools and resources to help companies like yours more successfully create, drive, and sustain your own high performing culture, by design.