Building a Strong Organizational Culture in the Face of Rapid Growth

Successful business owners are often eager to capitalize on their momentum and grow their companies. To do things right, they assess methods to scale offerings, locations, and customers and develop a comprehensive strategy.

But many leaders forget to consider a critical element in their expansion planning: their company’s culture.

That’s unfortunate because a strong workplace culture is the essence of what made their business successful in the first place.

When a leader launches a company, they set the tone of “how things are done around here” and form the culture that puts the company on the map. But as more locations and staff are added, the chief standard bearer becomes less visible. And the culture can easily unravel as the enterprise grows.

So, how do you simultaneously grow your business and preserve the valuable culture at the heart of your organization? Just as you do with every other aspect of your operation, you develop a plan and a process.

CultureWise can provide you with the blueprint to help your culture thrive as your company expands.

CultureWise is a unique Culture Operating System® designed to cultivate employee behaviors that make growing companies flourish. And it provides management teams with methods to continuously reinforce these behaviors in a positive way. We help leaders establish an enduring organizational culture after their staff grows too large to simply follow their example.

Our system helps organizations:

  • Select and retain employees who will be assets to a growing business
  • Build alignment between departments and locations
  • Strengthen internal communication
  • Connect and unify remote and on-site staff

Properly planned, a founder’s visionary culture can expand with their business. But an exceptional company culture won’t happen by chance in a growing organization; it must be deliberately designed and nurtured.

Schedule a call with one of our specialists to learn how CultureWise helps leaders create and sustain a dynamic culture in companies of any size.

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