The Interview Guide is an essential tool for leveraging the power of your Fundamentals in your recruiting process.

Your fully customized Interview Guide includes the following sections:

Basic recruiting principles:

  • Getting to know each candidate by asking the right questions
  • Understanding the difference between job capability and cultural fit
  • Setting expectations for the candidate
  • Ooze your culture
  • Establish your hiring process and stick to it
  • Identify your top Fundamentals for selecting new hires
    using the language of the Fundamentals

Fully customized content for each of your Fundamentals:

  • Key elements—identifying some of the most important points you’ll be looking for as you meet people and assess them around the Fundamental.
  • Questions to help uncover this Fundamental—providing you with several questions you can use to engage applicants in discussing the specific Fundamental, as well as the types of responses you’re listening for.

Templates and Suggestions for tools, activities, and creative ideas to use throughout the hiring process.


Custom Interview Guide creation fee



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