Leveraging Your Culture as a Strategic Competitive Advantage

Your company’s culture has a profound influence on every aspect of your business—it’s far too important to leave to chance. In this practical and actionable session, you’ll learn how to develop a high-performing culture and help your staff and company thrive.
$249 per person

Registration includes $100 off this year’s CultureWise Summit

0 virtual class remains for 2023:

2024 sessions TBD

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In this dynamic learning experience, David will cover:

  • How to “institutionalize” your culture and make it more than a sign on the wall
  • Why behaviors are more important than core company values
  • How to integrate cultures through acquisitions
  • The role of ritual in sustaining a focus on culture over time
  • How to maintain and grow your culture with remote and hybrid teams
  • The impact of workplace culture on your bottom line

Who should attend:

This masterclass was designed for CEOs, Presidents, Principals and Founders who want to take their company’s culture to the next level. The 2-hour session will provide significant value for executives:

  • Seeking to differentiate their companies in the marketplace
  • Experiencing challenges with their workforce
  • Undergoing growth, mergers, or acquisitions
  • Adapting to remote or hybrid work models

Learn from the best

CultureWise founder and CEO David J. Friedman is an acclaimed author, keynote speaker, and thought leader about organizational culture. Named Vistage International’s 2021 Speaker of the Year, Friedman has helped thousands of business leaders across North America learn how to develop world-class culture for their companies.

Comments from participants in David’s programs:

“One of the clearest, most articulate, relevant presentations I’ve ever seen.”

“Fantastic speaker. David really knows his topic. He turns one of the fuzziest parts of business into something solid, useful, and extremely important to the bottom line and health of our companies.”

“David’s content was epic. Intuitive, actionable and valuable”

“David provided very powerful and very actionable things to be done within our organizations. His ability to break down seemingly complex topics into simple concepts shows his true mastery of the subject.”

“I loved the way he simplified the process. Most speakers make things seem so hard and he made it seem so simple.”

“Phenomenal presentation! If you’ve created your company core values, this is a great next step. I can’t wait to do many of the things David suggested.”

“I’ve always been a big culture proponent…David brought it to another level with a simple and completely different approach.”

“Highly recommended, well-delivered and VERY applicable. David is a delight to hear – very fun and clear.”

“One of the best, most impactful speakers I’ve ever heard.”

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