Keynote speakers from CultureWise are widely acclaimed for giving talks that are entertaining, inspiring and most important, actionable.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few comments taken from audience evaluations from recent talks:

“…probably the single most important topic facing CEOs”


“Of any speaker I have ever heard, he has a message that can have the greatest potential impact on improving the accountability of the people who work at my company. Incredibly empowering concept.”


“Very inspirational. One of the best I’ve heard.”


“Engaging, practical, and relevant.”


“Best speaker of the year.”


“Fantastic – very radical and motivating.”


“Finally! A simple, easy, comprehensive plan to engineer corporate culture that
can be taught in 3 hours or less. Kudos to David!”


“I knew in the first 20 minutes that it would be exceptional!”


“Truly one of the best ever!”


“David probably does more to make culture useful than any speaker I can remember.”


“Outstanding presentation that I still find myself thinking
about and talking about days later.”


“One of the most impactful speakers I’ve ever heard.”


“Real world, focused, actionable.”

David J. Friedman - Founder/CEO

Bill Kaiser - Vice President

Talks can range from 30 minutes to half-day and full-day programs, and can be tailored to meet your goals, your audience, and your budget.

To discover how we can help you enhance the value of your next event, just complete the form below. We usually respond the same day. 

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