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Gary Jaburg

As the managing partner of a 35 attorney law firm I questioned whether HPC's approach would be effective. We just passed our 5 year anniversary of adopting our Fundamentals and the impact on our employees and clients has been exceptional. The biggest surprise was its impact on recruiting. Many attorneys and legal assistants crave an environment that is willing to publish what it stands for and of course "walk the walk". The Fundamentals must be the authentic culture of the firm to be beneficial. - 3/05/2019

Geoff Gross

After reading David's book and getting 2 referrals from other business leaders that worked with High Performing Culture, I decided to hire them to help craft and launch our company fundamentals. It was a very rewarding process in which I learned a lot about my own business and created a strong foundation for our culture. Its now been about 2 years since we launch the "MG23", our 23 company Fundamentals, and it's been outstanding. We focus on 1 a week and have a number of rituals around that particular fundamental. It has made our culture stronger, attracted better team members and has helped scale our business! - 3/05/2019

Miriam Garcia

I can't say enough good things about David and his team at HPC. The culture program they offer is simple and easy to follow. We've been on this program going on 2 years now and still going strong. I've utilized HPC and engrained it into my recruiting to ensure we get the right people! During implementation - David and his team made things so easy and the message was well received. - 3/05/2019

Jerry Schill

We have worked with the HPC team for about four years now and have seen transformational results in our culture and organizational performance. The SGM Way provided the platform and message I needed as a leader to deliver the Extraordinary Experience to our clients and our team. From concept to completion, the HPC process provided the support needed to ensure a successful implementation.

If you are passionate about your business and truly care about your people, the HPC experience has delivered one of the highest ROI's we have ever experienced.
- 3/05/2019

Jodi Malis

Our experience with High Performing Culture has been extraordinary. Instituting our 29 Fundamentals has been game changing and has had immediate, positive impact on our culture. Thank you David Friedman and HPC Team. Your assistance and guidance through our implementation was outstanding. Kuddos to all. Jodi Malis, Partner - Hancock Askew & Co., LLP - 3/05/2019


Our experience with HPC exceeded all initial expectations. The fundamentals program is simple and makes sense and the HPC team is knowledgeable, experienced and beyond helpful. They made sure the process moved along, was engaging and truly painless each step of the way. It has been about 1 year since we rolled out our fundamentals with the support of the HPC team (thank you David and Rob) and we are extremely pleased with the results thus far. We continue to get positive feedback from our employees, clients and prospects and are excited to see it evolve as we further integrate. - 3/05/2019

Dave Sokol

HPC has helped us define and develop and winning, positive and lasting culture in which everyone in our company is proud to belong. David Friedman has a great process for helping our company create, develop, own and nurture an environment that helps us continue to WIN. - 3/05/2019

Michael Fanger

Great company, great product, excellent execution, and superior follow up. We started with them five years ago, and we are going strong and plan to do even more with High Performing Culture. It’s an important part of who we are and what we do. - 3/05/2019


Our company operates in 7 states with approximately 650 employees. HPC has been an invaluable tool in solidifying our values and behaviors across the regions. The language of the Fundamentals is commonplace in our environment, used in daily conversation, annual reviews, coaching opportunities, etc. We highly recommend HPC. Rob Wolf has been our consultant from day one and continues to offer guidance and encouragement. - 3/05/2019

Dr Calvin H Knowlton

At Tabula Rasa Healthcare, we are growing rapidly and now have 15 offices/call centers all over the U.S. with about 1,400 team members. The glue that holds everything together is our 32 Fundamentals! Our Chief Culture Officer has a Culture Coordinator at each site. Kudos and sincere thanks to HPC!! - 3/02/2019