In his first book, Fundamentally Different, David Friedman introduced us to the 8-Step Framework, and the simple, yet groundbreaking concept of the Fundamentals.  In his newest work, Culture by Design, he provides us with the complete “how to” manual.  With each step building upon the one before it, David shows us how to operationalize culture in a way that’s surprisingly simple and practical.  You’ll learn:

  • Why “behaviors” are more useful than “values”
  • The 3 mistakes most companies make in defining their cultures
  • The simple idea that prevents “Flavor of the Month” syndrome
  • How to create maximum engagement in your culture
  • How to radically change the new employee experience
  • The single, biggest way to drive accountability for your culture

Filled with stories and examples from his own leadership career, as well as his work with hundreds of CEOs, David brings a level of credibility and practical wisdom to his writing that stands in stark contrast to the typical academic treatment of culture.  Delivered with his legendary logic and easy-to-read style, he makes understanding culture so simple that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it all yourself.

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“This may be ONE OF THE BEST BUSINESS BOOKS I’VE EVER READ. A must read for any CEO.

” If you read only one book to learn how to create a culture that ENGAGES EMPLOYEES AND GETS RESULTS, read Culture by Design.”

…this book is truly GROUNDBREAKING.”

“In 20 years of business coaching, David Friedman’s work has been THE SINGLE MOST IMPACTFUL IDEA presented to my members.”