CultureWise Membership

CultureWise Membership starts the moment your rollouts are complete and includes everything your organization needs to keep your workforce highly-engaged, year-after-year.

Your Client Success Manager is with you every step of the way to provide guidance, answer questions, help facilitate alliances with other Members, and maximize all the resources exclusively available to you as a CultureWise Member, including:

CultureSuite Software:

culturewise suite culture operating system for companies

Accessible on desktop, tablet, iOS and Android, CultureSuite™ software is the center of your culture universe, where everyone in your organization gathers throughout the day to learn, share, and celebrate your one-of-a-kind culture.

CultureSuite™ delivers a massive library of teaching content designed specifically for your set of Fundamentals.

  • Weekly Insights
    View, comment on, and “like” messages from peers about their personal thoughts and experiences of your Fundamental of the Week.
  • Videos
    Play 60-seconds of insightful thoughts about each of your Fundamentals from culture expert, David Friedman.
  • eMinder
    Receive a scenario-based lesson each week with immediate feedback.
  • Coaching Guide
    Provides your managers and supervisors with talking points, coaching tips, and topics for discussion for each of your Fundamentals.
  • Kudos!
    Give a shout-out to peers for putting your Fundamentals into practice in their daily work.
  • Leaderboard
    Gamification  incentivizes user engagement by assigning points for each activity. Organizations can push engagement to the next level by setting up teams and competitions. Leaderboard features real-time point standings, by individual user, and teams.
  • Quick Tips
    Read/watch daily messages and videos to help deepen your understanding of your Fundamental of the Week.

Members-only Discounts on Marketplace Products:

Members-only Sharing of Best Practices:

CultureWise Alliance™

    • Members-only online directory
      • Member-company profile
      • Access to all CultureWise Alliance Member companies
      • CultureWise Alliance branding on your website

CultureWise Membership Pricing

Membership includes lifetime support through your Client Success manager, our massive library of teaching content delivered daily through CultureSuite™ software, discounts on Marketplace Products, access to best practice sharing portals and events, and inclusion in the CultureWise Alliance directory. 

Monthly Membership Fee* (per employee):

*6-month minimum commitment, month-to-month thereafter 

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