DJF Masterclass 5-5-23


How to Leverage Your Culture as a Competitive Advantage in 2023

Friday, May 5, 1:00-3:00 p.m. EST

Your company’s culture has a profound influence on every aspect of your business—it’s far too important to leave to chance. In this practical and actionable session, you’ll learn how to develop a high-performing culture and help your staff and company thrive.

In this dynamic learning experience, David will cover:

  • How to “institutionalize” your culture and make it more than a sign on the wall
  • Why behaviors are more important than core company values
  • How to integrate cultures through acquisitions
  • The role of ritual in sustaining a focus on culture over time
  • How to maintain and grow your culture with remote and hybrid teams
  • The impact of workplace culture on your bottom line
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