Assessment Results: Your Lowest Category is Coaching

How Systematic Is Your Approach to Company Culture?

Based on your assessment, it appears you need the most help coaching your teams in a way that reinforces your culture. Chapter 10 of Culture by Design will be of particular importance to you at this stage in your culture’s development.

In my experience, seeing culture through a behavior lens is of the utmost importance. Culture is more than just the signs on your walls – it’s the actual behavior of your people. And one of the most important ways to further deepen the understanding and adoption of those behaviors (your Fundamentals) is through coaching.

When I use the word “coaching” in this context, I’m referring to the way in which we provide people with feedback and guidance aimed at helping them improve their performance. The key here is to see everything as a teaching moment and to use the specific language of our culture in our teaching.

As problem solvers, it’s our natural tendency to want to jump in and start taking action, to give direction and make things happen. This is when it’s important for us to slow down just a bit and recognize the teaching opportunity that’s been presented. What do we want our people to learn from this? What behaviors (Fundamentals) can we further cement in how we talk about this situation? What does our culture say about how this should be handled? While it may feel like we’re slowing things down, in the long run, we’re actually gaining speed because we’re helping to grow the capabilities of our people to handle more situations on their own, and in a way that’s consistent with our culture.

For more ideas on how to coach your culture, check out Chapter 10 of Culture by Design. You can take a free peek inside the book here. You can also purchase your copy today on Amazon.

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