Assessment Results: Your Lowest Category is Lead 

How Systematic Is Your Approach to Company Culture?

Based on your assessment, it appears you need the most help truly leading your culture by example. Chapter 11 of Culture by Design will be of particular importance to you at this stage in your culture’s development.

There may be no greater lesson than the one we teach by our own example. Whether it’s fair or not, our people are observing us every minute of every day, consciously and unconsciously, and they’re taking their cue from us about what really matters. We can talk all day long about delivering legendary service, but how we respond to a difficult customer issue will have more impact than anything we say. We can explain the three steps of blameless problem-solving, but the way we react when the #*%@ hits the fan will teach far more than our words do.

As a leader, you obviously don’t have to be perfect, and, in fact, never will be. However, you should at least be an excellent example of the culture you’re trying to promote, or else you’ll undermine your own efforts. While it’s okay to make mistakes, there’s a big difference between showing that you’re human and are working on your shortcomings and acting as if the Fundamental behaviors that anchor your culture don’t apply to you. Repeated violations are likely to send the message that the culture is something everyone else should work on, but you’re exempt. Given the importance of your example, nothing could be more damaging than that.

To learn more about how to lead your culture by example, check out Chapter 11 of Culture by Design. You can take a free peek inside the book here. You can also purchase your copy today on Amazon. If you’d like to explore how my team can be of further help, reach out today.

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