Assessment Results: Your Lowest Category is Select 

How Systematic Is Your Approach to Company Culture?

Based on your assessment, it appears you need the most help selecting the people who are a right fit for your culture. Chapter 7 of Culture by Design will be of particular importance to you at this stage in your culture’s development.

The reality is, people generally come to the workplace already “fully baked,” meaning they are who they are. You can teach them skills, but the basis of their value system is largely completed by the time they show up at your door. The key then, is to select individuals who are already predisposed to share your company’s values and behaviors (Fundamentals).

In order to best discern this from the start, you must first have clarity about the culture you’re trying to build. Ensure your culture is well defined (and if you feel like you need more help, Chapter 5 will be a good resource for you). When you look at the fundamental behaviors that define your culture, you can break them into two broad categories: intrinsic behaviors and learned behaviors. As the name suggests, intrinsic ones are those that are a part of someone’s nature. They either have this quality or they don’t. The other is learned behaviors. These are behaviors that can be taught.

Once you have your Fundamentals divided into intrinsic and learned ones, you’re able to write interview questions around the most important intrinsic Fundamentals for the position in question. Since, by definition, these behaviors either exist in the person or don’t, that’s where we want to focus most of our interview.

For even more ideas on how to select for culture, check out Chapter 7 of Culture by Design. You can take a free peek inside the book here. You can also purchase your copy today on Amazon. If you’d like to explore how my team can be of further help, reach out today.

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