Welcome to the HPC Integration Toolkit.  The Toolkit is a collection of samples, recommendations, and resources for Integration (Step 4) clients to support their Integration practices.  The Toolkit is an ever-evolving resource so we encourage you to check back often for updated content.

Files are organized as follows:

  • Articles that you might share to reinforce topics and provide additional perspectives on what’s important to your culture
  • Binder and Handouts to support the learning in Integration and serve as future resources for new hires. HPC-formatted examples show design options to mimic or to inspire your own creativity
  • Checklists to keep track of all the details required to deliver Integration with excellence. Checklists can also be used to spur ideas for what else you might do to make your new hires’ experience phenomenal. Also, a TIPS document can be found in this folder where miscellaneous thoughts are recorded that might be valuable to you as you implement your customized recommendations

  • Sample letters
  • RSI Samples. Integration was formed at RSI, David Friedman’s former company.  This folder features a collection of documents that can be used for generating ideas for your company
  • Schedule samples demonstrate various sessions, explanations, order of topics, etc. that might help you when you’re ready to expand your Integration
  • Session outlines are the agendas that correspond to the sections of Integration, as found on the schedules. These are behind-the-scenes, so they’re not “pretty” but practical
  • Signs to welcome new hires. Signs and banners can be posted at the front desk, in training/conference rooms, break rooms, and in someone’s work area

PLEASE NOTE:  Materials containing words/phrases in ALL CAPS or highlighted in yellow indicate words that need to be updated with your company information.

Downloadable File Library